Everything Will Be OK

#GoodNews! Please share the positive vibe! 🌈🌎❤️

- Brave #Truckers are getting supplies to stores.
- Brave clerks are stocking the shelves.
- #Seniors get to shop first.
- Carnival Cruise Line is offering their own, fully-staffed ships as floating hospitals to supplement the US Navy's USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy.
- General Motors is increasing its medical equipment output, so we'll have enough ventilators.
- Restaurants are using their kitchens, staff and food to feed kids.
- NBA basketball players are writing checks to pay arena staff.
- Construction companies are giving their masks to medical staff.
- #Democrat governors and the #Republican President have put their enmity on hold to work together.

We can be a nation divided, but I think a Japanese admiral said it best in 1941 of America, "We have awakened a sleeping giant."

Right now, we're saying, "Hey, hold my beer. Watch this."

In emergencies, we ALWAYS pull together. Soon, we'll come roaring back bc we have a country full of wonderful people!

#EverythingWillBeOK #WereInThisTogether #WeAreTheGood