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Memories and Mortality

A friend I've known for 20+ years is in hospice dying of cancer. She called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me goodbye. I whipped down to her hospital room to see her, not ready to let her go. We said nice things to each other; I mentioned common friends whom she hadn't seen for years and thoughts of them made her smile. She even joked. Cut to last week. She was moved to a hospice, the same hospice where my wonderful mother-in-law died nine years ago. It's a clean, well-lit place. Interesting artwork for sale by local artists adorns the walls. The staff is gentle. If I had to die slowly in one location, it would do. But could I go in? Not alone. No way. The building contained enough dense pain to fill every patient room, bathroom, refreshment nook, even the tiny chapel, and it all mixed, like a blueberry smoothie, with memories of my mother-in-law's -- my mother's -- dying. I would sit in her room with my father-in-law -- my dad -- and watch his elastic love st